Today we harnessed up our 12-year-old mare called DustyMay (named after Dusty Springfield the English singer). She hadn’t been out of the Farm on the road for more than 8 months … DustyMay, not the other Dusty!

So the first thing we had to negotiate was our brilliant neighbours new Scarecrow. Every year in our little community of Yarramalong we hold a Spring Festival. So everyone makes a scarecrow and erects it outside their homes, this one is opposite our front gates, so DustyMay had her first viewing today on the way to St Barnabas Church for the “Blessing of the animals”.

From our Farm at a nice gentle walking pace it would only take you 10 minutes to walk to the church, but when you take a Clydesdale onto the road, you can double that time. Not that we walk slower, just the fact that every car that drives past slows down and asks for a photo and we always stop so they can get their picture taken.

So 25 minutes and a dozen photos later we arrived at the cute little St Barnabas church for the annual blessing of the animals. We saw lots of friends and met new ones as well. We couldn’t get DustyMay into the Church as it is a small entrance way, which is our way of saying DustyMay’s bum is too big!

There were dogs and rabbits and DustyMay found a new friend in this lovely little miniature called Flirt 🙂

Tea, coffee, sandwiches and lots of singing was the order of the day. A nice service and a great sunny warm morning made it a great little event.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to everyone who stopped us on the way back home, we hope your photos come out great.

Don’t forget you can come and visit us at Yarramalong Clydesdales, we provide half day and full day farm expereinces. You can check them out here and as days are limited book your family visit here.


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