Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are here for you, us and the animals protection and enjoyment. We want you to have an enjoyable time with us, however as in any business there are guidelines and conditions that keep us all safe.

It is a condition of entry to the farm that everyone included in your booking is also governed by these terms and conditions. As principle booking participant we ask you to have everyone who will form part of your booking to thoroughly go over these terms as by entry to this farm will form part of these terms and conditions.



All animals including horses, sheep, goats, chickens can suddenly act in unpredictable behaviour. This often happens when hurt or frightened. As a visitor to our farm and a participant you acknowledge that participation in horse related. activities is at your own risk.
Being near any animal can be dangerous. As a participant you understand and warrant that you cannot hold Yarramalong Clydesdales or any of it’s staff, owners, directors or any other entity accountable for any injury or death while participating in horse or other animal related activities, including but not limited to¬†riding horses, riding on carts, sleds or wagons, long reigning, feeding and otherwise being in the physical proximity of horses and any animal on the farm.
You therefore agree that:
In making this booking and participating in farm activities you have had sufficient opportunity to read through our release and waiver of liability.
You understand that your booking and payment and attendance on the farm constitutes a complete and unconditional release of all liability of Yarramalong Clydesdales and all it’s subsidiaries, staff, directors and everyone connected with the farm in the event of me and/or the children under my care, suffering injury or death.
You agree that in the event of injury you give us permission to carry out first aid and call an ambulance if required and that you agree to pay all costs related to that.


All bookings to be made online through our online website store, unless previously arranged and agreed upon in writing.


All start times are 10am unless booked as a special group booking with pre arranged different start times. All activities will commence at 10am.


All children under the age of 18 years must be always accompanied by an adult. Any child not behaving will be asked to leave the farm and no refund will be given. No running after any animals is permitted on the farm and if this happens you will be asked to leave without any refund.


Footwear must be closed in, so no sandals, thongs or crocs. Must be worn at all times on the farm.


No alcohol is served on our farm experience, no alchol is permitted to be brought on the farm. Visitors deemed to be under the influence of alchol will be escorted from the property and no refund will be given. We have the right to ask for a breathe test if we decide. No prohibited drugs are to be used prior to arriving on the farm or while on the farm.


All visitors to the farm will be directed by farm staff. All visitors must obey any and all instructions throughout the visit and this is a condition of entry.


All animals have the capacity to injury you. Therefore it is your understanding and agreement that you must take all care while you are on the farm experience.


Refunds can be given only in the following circumstances:

You cancel within 24 hours of booking your experience.
You cancel at least 30 days before your experience is scheduled and that slot is resold within the 30 days to commence.
If the experience is not re sold or replacements cannot be secured no refund will be given. Under extenuating circumstances. In these circumstances including illness, death, funerals and similar incidences a credit will be given for a period of 6 months. Should the experience not be used it can be transferable, if the time of 6 months lapses then no refund is given.