Two Hour Farm Experience

Adults $95.00.  Minimum of 2 people per booking.

We begin with a rundown of the day’s events.

This experience is designed for your personal enjoyment. So if you want to learn and take part you can, however, if you prefer to watch it then that is perfectly okay. Many of our guests like to watch the action rather than take part. It is always up to you and there is no pressure to take part at all.

Then it’s off to meet the Clydesdales and your first opportunity to take a video and photos up close of our heavy horses. You can help feed the horses and then we will demonstrate how we train them in the round yard.  You’ll see us demonstrate “Join Up” where horses and humans become a partnership.

You will have the opportunity to come in the round yard and have a go… don’t worry everything will be supervised, we are with you all the time. Then we will demonstrate how we drive the Clydesdales (walking behind them) and again if you want you can have a go yourself. Here you get to learn all the voice commands that all our gentle giants have been taught… it’s great fun!

Over the years our visitors have expressed how they felt about being so close to these magnificent horses. The sheer size is often enough to amaze people. This is a truly unique experience and the only one of its kind in Australia.

We’ll end your visit with a walk around the farm, feeding goats, sheep, and chickens ending with a visit to the “chook house” to pick up some fresh farm eggs for you to take home before we say goodbye.

It takes a lot of work and expense to keep our Clydesdales in peak condition, but the sight of people’s happy faces makes it all worthwhile. Everyone that comes to the Farm connects with these Gentle Giants in their own personal way. Your visit helps us buy winter feed, pay farriers and vets, and goes towards the many costs involved in rescuing and caring for these gentle giants.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you and thank you for helping us give all the animals a safe and loving place to live.

If you would like to arrange Lunch while you are in Yarramalong we recommend Angel Sussurri. We have set our visit times to allow you plenty of time to have lunch. Depending on your time slot you can arrange your lunch before or after your visit. Lunch is not included in these prices.

However please let the Angel Sussurri team know you have booked here so you get their discount.

We have a resue donkey called “Murphy“. You will love him! 🙂



Minimum of 2 people per booking.

Adults $95.00


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