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Obstacle Course

From: $25.00

Come and book your horse into our purpose built obstacle course. This really helps you train your horse and continues the work required for you to be safe on your horse. Easily adjustable for any size horse and rider, you can start out by walking the course and then riding. The course helps you gain more respect and ultimately more trust from your horse.

You have a choice of booking for you to attend on your own or you can book in and have one of our team work with you for the session. This really helps new horses and riders until they become used to the setting and obstacles.

We have clients who book regularly to build safety, respect, trust and stamina in their horses. Thy tell us they feel much more control when they go on their trial rides.

To book simply choose which day and time and if you would like one of our team members with you or not. Also we have a maximum of two horses working in the course at any one time. Many clients team up and book out that hour together.

The cost is $35.00 per person.

The cost for one of our team members to be with you is $25.00

We look forward to seeing you here and know you will enjoy the experience.