Yarramalong Clydesdales Long Reining
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Harvest Festival Clydesdale Experience

From: $20.00

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6th & 7th JUNE 2020.

Experience Times:

SATURDAY 6TH JUNE       10am      12.30pm       3pm

SUNDAY 7TH JUNE             10am     12.30pm

Adults $50.00. Under 18 years $20.00.

Come and meet the magnificent Yarramalong Clydesdales.

Weighing in at just under a tonne these giants are the breed that built Australia and you get to see them up close.

Dusty May Yarramalong Clydesdales

This 90 minute experience includes you meeting not one but three Clydesdales.
You’ll meet Supreme Champion and winner of numerous events around the country, “DustyMay”. Dusty is the BOSS of the Farm and keeps everyone in line and is a princess.

Hercules is her half brother and YES she keeps in his place. Hercules loves one thing and one thing only … to eat! Then the kid of the Clydesdales, Jax, who always gets into trouble. Jax is currently in training and you’ll get to see how he performs compared to DustyMay.

We will show you how we train these “Gentle Giants”. This demonstration is followed by a question and answer time, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your questions answered.

Everyone that comes to visit seems to have a story about a Clydesdale. It may be their Grand parents rode one to school, or the family used to travel to church in a buggy pulled by a Clydesdale.

Australia was built by the Clydesdale breed and you’ll be amazed when we tell you how these big horses finally got to Australia and began to build our nation.

You’ll see us demonstrate the famous horse “Join Up” where horse and human become a partnership. You never know you may even get picked out to come and have a go yourself…. but don’t worry, we always ask for a show of hands for a volunteer first :-).

It takes a lot of work to keep our Clydesdales in peak condition, but the sight of people’s happy faces makes it all worthwhile. Everyone that comes to the Farm connects with these Gentle Giants in their own personal way.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.



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