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1 Day Event – Long Reining Clinic

From: $50.00

Yarramalong Clydesdales 1 Day Long Reining Clinic. CAMP SITES AVAILABLE IF REQUIRED.

Time: 10am – 4pm.  Date: Saturday 7th September 2019

Includes BBQ Lunch  Price: $90.00 with horse.  $50.00 without horse. Non riding event.

Many years ago when we first started out with Clydesdale horses there was very little information available to help new horse owners. If we wanted to learn anything about horses and especially heavy horses or long reining we had to travel all over the country to find men and women who had the knowledge or locate and read a book or watch a video. Since then we have developed a proven method we still use to this day to teach our Clydesdales and all the other horses that we are asked to train.

This program is open to everyone, even if you do not currently own a horse. This program (Fundamentals) is based on safe, basic skills to help you and your horse work from the ground up. Whether you are a beginner or your skill level is high, everyone will take away something from this program. All Yarramalong Clydesdales horses and other horses we train have been educated with this specific method.


Please Note:
This is what we will cover in the day. Some of these may be deleted depending on the group attending on the day… and all horse breeds are welcome.

The Program:


Your own body energy

The way you disperse your energy

The changes in energy required to maintain rapport with your horse

Voice commands, tonality, pitch and timing.

How you set up a successful lesson with your horse




Pressure and release

Teaching your horse to respect you

Understanding your horse’s brain and personal traits

Setting safe boundaries

Cues to teach your horse better manners and responsiveness

Round pen lessons




Liberty work

Join Up

Controlling your horse

Your feel down the line (how you sense your horse)

Moving the hindquarters

Back ups

Desensitising your horse

Paper bags, whips, tarps




Loading your horse on the float

Loading with people

Loading on your own

How to easily teach your horse to load relaxed and calm



What type of harness

The different uses for harness

Learning where and how the harness goes.

Voice commands

Learn step-by-step exercises in preparation for Long Reining



Long reining (getting started)
Obstacle course work

At the conclusion of the day your horse will have learned how to stay calm, relaxed and alert. Your horse should now stay out of your own personal space and be respectful of all your verbal and non verbal cues.  You will have learned a safe method for loading and unloading your horse.

Q & A

At the end of the day we will answer as many questions as we can, so please feel free to ask anything.

Our hope is you attend this one day clinic with an open mind and enjoy learning how our method works for our horses and how it can work with yours. We look forward to sharing our place with you.
Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements.

How To Book:

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Add the number of people with or without a horse

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Move the calendar along to Saturday 7th September (green square).

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Click 10am

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