Come and enjoy a special day at Yarramalong Clydesdale Farm

You can visit us and maintain social distancing. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak there will be no refreshments (Tea/ Coffee or Lunches Served ) on-site until further notice and we have discounted our pricing accordingly.  However Angel Sussurri, which is located 2 minutes away are now open for 10 customers at a time. If you want lunch here in Yarramalong before or after your visit, book with them after you finalise your visit today.

Two Hour Package

  • Choose 10 am or 2 pm to start your visit. First we have a briefing on the activities and safety and you’ll then help feed the horses. Then we will demonstrate in the round yard how the different Clydesdales are trained. You can watch this and if you want you can also come into the round yard and have a go with us. From here we….

Tour Packages

  • These tours are tailored to your needs. Each tour has a minimum and maximum. This two hour tour gives visitors the chance to meet and greet our Clydesdale and watch the “Join Up demonstrations. Tailored packages to suit all budgets and available 7 days a week. Packages include full refreshments on arrival and lunch or just the Clydesdale Experience.

Private Functions

  • With the increase in enquiries for Private Bookings we realise that you and your family would love to come and spend the day on the Farm, but have it to yourselves for the day. So we have created a way where you can now book the entire Farm for that special day. Now you can book your Half Day Experience and have it just for you. INCLUDING A….

Corporate Training

  • The Clydesdale Corporate Training Retreat. We provide workshops for our corporate clients including topics like: Team Building, Leadership, Communication, Sales, Influence & Persuasion and many more. Tailored to your requirements our programs merge the world of humans and the horse. This will challenge your people as they will learn…

Private Tuition

  • If you would like to learn how to improve your partnership with your horse or simply learn more about horses, then book in for a private lesson. Lessons are for two hours at our Clydesdale Farm and are …

Long Reining Clinics

  • We conduct these throughout the year for people with or without horses. The six hour clinic takes you through the basics of how to build trust and respect in your horse and cultivate a partnership you can rely on.

Equine Therapy

  • After 3 years of study, feedback, questionnaires’ interacting with visitors and guests from all over the world and receiving numerous requests for private therapy sessions, we have introduced our new Equine Therapy Experience.

Obstacle Course

  • Come and book your horse into our purpose built obstacle course. This really helps you train your horse and continues the work required for you to be safe on your horse. Easily adjustable for any size horse and rider, you can start out by…

“Long Reining Clinic”  – Next Date To Be Confirmed.

Blacksmith Forge

Blacksmithing has been in existence for centuries. In villages the Blacksmith was the “go-to” person for tools and just about everything else. The forge is a fire so hot that is heats the metal until it’s red hot, which makes it soft. Then the Blacksmith hammers it on an Anvil to shape it into tools, knifes and these days even decorative swords. We use our forge to shape the large horse shoes needed for our clydesdales. You’ll see how large their feet are under their feathers, so it needs a strong shoe to fit and support a one tonne clydesdale.

Clydesdale horses are often called “Gentle Giants”.

Come and find out why! Now you can see these awesome horses up close and have a great time on the farm. While you are here check out the sheep, goats and chickens as well. This is a unique experience being able to be up close and see these amazing horses. It’s an experience you should put on your bucket list and bring the whole family. So book in and come and say hello, we look forward to sharing our farm, our Clydesdales, Goats, Sheep, Chickens and of course our Rescue Donkey, “Murphy”, everyone loves our rescue donkey.